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Tell Your Story

Each of us has a story, and there’s no better way to write our scripts than with new custom-inscribed jewelry from Origami Owl®.
Choosing from Large Living Locket® Bases and Medium and Large Plates, now you can keep his initials close to your heart,
bring a childhood nickname back to life or mark the day that changed your life.
When you gift Inscriptions™ to the ones you love, your story, your script truly comes to life.

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How It Works

Bringing your words to life has never been this easy!
Create your own unique script with your very own combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in three easy steps...

Step 1

Choose Jewelry

Select the piece — or pieces — of jewelry you want to inscribe. Begin your story by choosing Living Locket® Bases and Plates from a variety of finishes

Inspire Step 1

Step 2

Pick Templates

Pick your favorite Template then decide what combination of letters, numbers and symbols you want to have inscribed. Keep in mind spaces are characters too!

Inspire Step 2

Step 3

Complete The Look

Create an unforgettable ending and a
Living Locket® look all your own. Chains, Dangles, Charms and Wraps will give even more meaning to your story.

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Every piece of jewelry in our Inscriptions™ Collection is inscribed right here in the U.S.A.
We’re proud of our story and want to make a difference in the lives of others by supporting our local, regional and national partners.
We're grateful to be part of your story too, and can't wait to inscribe your special messages.