Large Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor (2 pieces)


We’re here to provide you with the ultimate in protection with the Large Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor. Originally created for military use on helicopter blades, keep your Lockets free from scuffs and scrapes—just like you would your cell phone! Our Large Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor* includes 2 pre-cut Locket protectors just for your Large Living Locket Faces. Ghost Armor is an enhancements product and will not affect the Origami Owl Living Locket warranty. We strongly suggest you use Ghost Armor on any Living Locket used on our Bag Clip + Keychain to help protect it against scratches and abrasions.

Application Instructions**


1. Clean hands and work area thoroughly to remove oils, dirt and debris.

2. Gently buff clean the Locket or Locket Face glass surface with a clean microfiber cloth.

3. Add 1 drop of liquid dish soap per 2 oz. of water to a spray bottle, and shake gently.

Ghost Armor Application:

1. Mist the soapy solution onto your fingertips to avoid fingerprints on the adhesive side.

2. Gently peel Armor off of the backing (avoid touching adhesive multiple times).

3. Mist the adhesive side of Armor with the soapy solution until the surface area is evenly covered without dripping, yet moist enough to maneuver Armor into position.

4. Quickly begin applying the Armor to the outer glass surface and align the Armor accordingly.

5. Firmly hold Armor in place making sure it is still aligned. Using the clean dry cloth, gently begin smoothing the bubbles and solution from the center of your locket to the edges.

6. Wipe excess moisture from the locket, then set the locket aside and allow to dry.

7. Locket may appear cloudy and retain a couple tiny bubbles which will clear up within 24-48 hours.

  • *Living Locket sold separately
  • *Does not fit the Large Prism Twist Living Locket Face.
  • **The Large Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor has a 30 day warranty for material defects. Simply contact Ghost Armor here for assistance. In addition, Designers and customers can visit their local Ghost Armor service location for help with applying the product to your Living Locket—free of charge! To find a Ghost Armor service location near you, click here.
  • SKU: PGA003