Trio-Tone Collection Product Set


Unified rings, in silver, gold and rose gold, form a knot of connection representing something different to everyone. The Holy Trinity, the past, present, future, your three children… what does it mean to you?

Steps to empower yourself and others:

1. Choose what reminder/Empowerment piece you need for the day.

2. Share it by wearing it!

3. Believe it! {Remember, you aren’t alone on this journey!}

4. Gift it! {Pass on the love to someone who needs it.}

This product set includes the following pieces:

  • Tri-tone Connection Knot Bolo Bracelet
  • Tri-tone Connection Knot Stud Earrings with CZ
  • Tri-tone Connection Knot Necklace 15.5-18.5"
  • While supplies last; Substitutions may apply.
  • Retail value: $112 USD | $146 CAD
  • SKU: SP2319