Origami Owl Favorites


Charms 27 Items

Add our most popular Charms to your Living Locket and create your story.


Living Lockets 9 Items

Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake with these exclusive Living Lockets to hold all of those special memories.


Chains 6 Items

Style your story and add your favorite Living Locket with our collection of Chains + Chain Accessories.


Bracelets 5 Items

Layer on what you love with our Bracelets + Bracelet Accessories.


Plates 10 Items

Bring your story full circle with a Plate that speaks to you.


Dangles 2 Items

Add Dangles to customize your Living Locket + Bracelet creations.


Earrings 4 Items

Make every day a special occasion with these alluring Earrings.